8 Benefits of having a Marketing Plan

You have probably heard many marketing guru’s tell you that you need to have a marketing plan.

But why is having a marketing plan so important?

In my 20 years of experience I’ve seen marketing plans help business owners easily avoid the common mistakes many marketers make.

I’ve seen marketers with plans easily create the success they desire.

I’ve seen them spend less and get greater results.

I’ve seen them be more calm and peaceful about building their business.

No frantic reactionary marketing.

No stop and start efforts that end up wasting time and money.

I’ve also seen plenty of business owners wander aimlessly and waste their valuable time, energy and money trying to market without a plan.

And still never get where they want to go.

We’re all striving for success.

So why not give ourselves the greatest chance of achieving that?

That’s what a marketing plan can do for you. And that’s why I’m so passionate about them.

In addition to helping you create the business of your dreams, a marketing plan also has a number of other side benefits.

I’ve identified at least 8 benefits that you’ll reap when you have a plan.

I find that business owners who plan tend to:

(1) Think long term

(2) Stick with their marketing efforts long enough to reap results

(3) Monitor their competition, but not overreact to it

(4) Focus their efforts on achieving their specific goals and objectives

(5) Target their primary customer vs. trying to market to everyone

(6) Spend their budget more efficiently and effectively

(7) Understand what marketing works and doesn’t work for their business

(8) Get smarter about marketing every year they are in business

These are all traits of a successful marketer and business owner.

And, they are also the natural by-products of having a marketing plan. That means you don’t have to worry about them – they’re taken care of!

Isn’t that worth taking a little bit of time upfront, to identify the success you want to create and then map out a plan to get you there?

I think so. After all it’s your livelihood and happiness at stake here.

(C) 2006 Debbie LaChusa, 10stepmarketing

20-year marketing veteran Debbie LaChusa created The 10stepmarketing System to help small business owners and solo-preneurs successfully market their business, themselves without spending a fortune on marketing. To learn more about this simple, step-by-step program and to sign up for her FREE audio class and FREE weekly ezine featuring how-to articles, tips and advice, visit http://www.10stepmarketing.com

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