Business Plan For Startup Or Mobile App

My mobile business course: Or my short book on how to promote a mobile app:…

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6 Responses to Business Plan For Startup Or Mobile App

  1. Alex Genadinik says:
  2. Derek Riddick says:

    Love this video!!!

  3. Mr. Marketology says:

    Alex Genadinik and I would like to test the effect of social engagement on
    YouTube video ranking. I ask you to please like this video. Request results
    to be shared in the comments.

  4. Scott Grant says:

    Your video shared some good advice, but i have a few questions.
    I have a great concept for a mobile app, but I need help creating an air
    tight business plan or model. I do not have a proven concept, i havent
    released an app before. But i need funding, so this plan is for investors.
    how should i structure my plan, step by step? which parts are most
    important and how can i assure the investors that they’ll get a ROI?

    also, do you know of any ways to monetize an app? I would prefer the app be
    free for the users to download to their devices. Advertising can be
    intrusive and annoying to the user…

  5. Zaakirah Rossier says:

    Great advice Alex

  6. K.Raquel thomas says:

    Great, priceless information. This is good info for any industry.Alex
    offers the answers to what you’ve been searching for about business start
    up.It’s very clear and understandable. Awesome!

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