how to write a business plan for marketing?

I will start marketing a certain product at the company I work. Marketing is new to me since it is not part of my regular duty. Therefore, the owner asked me write a "business plan", so that I know my goals and ofcourse, he wants a copy. How do I write this business plan?


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  1. certaxrugby says:

    Visit for a free online tool for writing a marketing plan (through the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s website).

    Writing a marketing plan will help you to keep ahead of the competition. It will provide you with the opportunity to set objectives and create plans to meet them allowing you to use information about the present to shape the future.

    Without a plan, you cannot structure your approach to market. The marketing plan will help you decide your marketing mix – how and where you are going to sell your product or service, and how you are going to price it. A plan will build in time for you to research your market, decide which customers you are going to target, and ensure that your offering is something that customers will need and want.

    A plan will also build in room for you to measure the results of your marketing activity, so you know what to do (and what not to do) next time.

    With a plan, you’ll be in a better position to identify your customers and deliver them an offering that drives competitive advantage. It puts the customer at the heart of your business – because without customers, you don’t have any sales. A good plan, effectively executed, will take your objectives and turn them into a strategy that will deliver those objectives to the satisfaction of the company and the customers.

    If you are likely to be getting more involved in marketing as a role, then you ought to get some background/qualifications in it.

  2. swtmelon012 says:

    Think of the four p’s:
    Explain in details what you are planning for your business and do research on pro/con about other businesses and compare. Include who is your target by doing some research on the demographic in the area you are trying to target.


  3. lollypop says:

    am doing a business plan right now so here is the points im writing

    1) objective , why do u want to reach point B.
    2)product discription detailed.
    3) target audience
    4) team members who will do what. if there is no team say who will do and who will revise.
    5) launching strategy: define the stages of the process.

    for example: you are making a machine. then
    (a) parts bought and arrive at dat —-
    (b) processing will start at date —- for 1 week.
    (c) finishing team will handel on date —- for 2 days
    (c) distribution team will start on the 28th and so on..

    the one am doing is on a peridoical interval so i made a time line in the frm of a circle.

    6) promotion and circulation: how will you promote it and how will u get people to buy it.

    7) finally expense sheet cost revenue.. when will your product start gaining money and try to add the rate. for example:

    we will cover our expenses by the mid of the second year therefore,
    income in year 1 : 0%
    income in year to is 30% (interest rate on your capital)

    the last part answers the question why do we invest the money and not just leave it the bank ange get 10% at the end of each year.

    hope ive helped

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