how to write a marketing plan for IBM computers for new market?

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  1. SAWGIRL says:

    When computers were first introduced for business use, IBM was considered the best product, and it was the most expensive. They primarily focused on marketing the computers towards business use and not personal use. Most people couldn’t afford them anyway. They also made a product that was not compatible with anything else. You had to use IBM products such as monitors, hardware etc. because they designed them so that no other manufacturers products would work. People still consider IBM to be expensive and for office use not the home. and if you were to ask people to name 3 companies that make computers, very few would think to say IBM. IBM still directs the majority of it’s marketing towards the business sector.
    Your plan needs to make people change their thinking about IBM.
    Your plan should include
    1) Previous plans and what worked, what could be improved, what should be changed and how. and why
    2) Present goals and how previous plans can be adapted, improved on and changed to reach them
    3) Future expectations for the product and what is required to ensure they are met.

  2. Kissmywhiteass says:

    Put some thought into all of these areas before you start with any of them-

    1. Situation Analysis
    a. Company History/Industry Information
    b. Product & Service Analysis
    c. Market Analysis/Trends/ Market Share
    d. Distribution Network Analysis
    e Analysis
    f. Current Financial Situation
    g. Historical Results
    h. Macro environment
    2. SWOT/Competitive Analysis
    a. Internal Strengths & Weaknesses
    b. Outside Opportunities & Threats
    c. SWOT Action Plan
    3. Marketing Objectives & Issues
    a. Financial Objectives
    b. Marketing Objectives
    c. Critical Issues
    4. Marketing Strategy
    a. Target Marketing
    b. Territory alignment
    c. Positioning
    d. Marketing Strategies & Tactics/ Channels
    e. Marketing Mix
    f. Marketing Research
    g. Affiliations
    h. Complimentary Business Lines
    i. Strategic partners
    5. Action Items
    a. Milestones
    b. Marketing Organization
    6. Financials, Budgets, & Forecasts
    a. Break-even Analysis
    b. Sale Forecast
    c. Marketing Budget Forecast
    d. Sales vs. Expenses Summary
    7. Controls
    a. Performance Monitoring
    b. Contingency Planning

    Good luck

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