What's the demand for a top notch business plan writer?

I would like to attract clients to hire me to write their business plans. Is there a market for business plan writers? I have owned and sold 6 companies (for nice profits) and have attracted investors to each company via my business plans. I have also had several companies who had seen my work hire me to write their plans. My biggest client was Sun Micro. One of the plans I generated was 78 pages! I would like to write business plans for more companies and am truly one of the best plan writers out there. How would I go about finding people that need business plans written? Should I advertise on Craigslist or have a website developed with a list of my services? I am also a marketing wiz when it comes to putting new companies on the map. I am great with slogans and am also able to get these plans into the hands of hundreds of investors. I am the best when it comes to market analysis, strategy & implementation, financial plan, profit/loss, cash flow, benchmarks, ratios etc…

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  1. exchanger_101 says:

    not too bad….
    I use the services of a few; please email me your resume and contacts and we can talk.

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