Your individual homework assignment in this course is to develop, write, and present a Marketing Plan. You wi

Your individual homework assignment in this course is to develop, write, and present a Marketing Plan. You will choose a product or service and develop your plan according tothe Marketing Plan Outline contained in a pull out section located between pages 58 and 59 entitled "Building a Marketing Plan". There is also a Sample Marketing Plan located in your text starting on page 531, that will serve as an example of how the Marketing Plan Outline can be completed to develop a real Marketing Plan

Each section of the plan will be an assignment that is due for each unit.

Your assignment for Unit 2 is to write the Situational Analysis section of your Marketing Plan. There are 3 parts to this section – The Internal Environment, The External Environment and the Swot Analysis.


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3 Responses to Your individual homework assignment in this course is to develop, write, and present a Marketing Plan. You wi

  1. marketingexpert says:

    Check out ( ) they have a page on all the steps needed for a good marketing plan.

  2. JackN says:

    How I would go about it: I would much more enjoy developing a marketing plan for my own product or my own service, than I would for someone else’s product or service. If you know of someone else’s product or service, it is directly as a result of their marketing plan! And I would not much enjoy trying to re-invent what somebody else has already been successful in inventing. Crest toothpaste, for example: Procter & Gamble appears to have already done a good job of it. "Well, we’ll put commercials on TV. We’ll package it in attractive 6 – 7 fluid-ounce tubes. We’ll emphasize that there is stannous fluoride in the product, which has been shown to prevent dental decay. We’ll price it competitively with other toothpastes out there." BORING !! It has already been done. And I am going to improve it? I would hate to do that. But MY OWN service or product? That would be a lot more fun to do the assignment that way. Figure out what service you might want to offer your community. A product? Well; this is the United States of the 21st century, and manufacturing products as a cottage industry by someone starting out (even theoretically) in business, is all but a thing of the past here. But suppose, for example, you wanted to sell the service of furnishing help for writers writing books. You would describe WHO you are choosing for your market — authors and would-be authors. Where are you going to find them? How will they know of your service? Exactly what forms of help will you offer — will you eventually want to become a full-fledged publishing house (and therefore be in competition with existing big publishing houses); just stick to creative work and advice, offer data research along with that; what? What range of services? How will you set your prices? How will you sell them? SOME METHODS OF MARKETING ARE MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE THAN OTHERS, DEPENDING ON WHO IS YOUR PROSPECT AND WHAT YOU ARE SELLING! By going door-to-door? By in-person appointment? By having your own web site to get the word out? By having an answering service answer your phone for you when you can’t? By running an expensive ad in the yellow pages? By attending writers’ conventions all over the world? By passing out business cards at those conventions? By telemarketing? Inbound only? Or outbound telemarketing, too? Ads in the newspapers? Which one(s)? What kind of ad? How often? By putting up flyers on college campuses and in laundromats? By having a blown-up nylon balloon thing out by the street to catch people’s attention as they drive by? Stuff like that!! That is what I think the professor is asking. A real-life problem being solved theoretically by a student who may not have been exposed to the hard-knocks world very much, huh? No wonder it is challenging!

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